Dorian Gray

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Dorian Gray – Upcoming Webseries

An intrepid young art history researcher digs into the mystery of his elusive boss, and discovers that the man is actually the ageless and immortal Dorian Gray, surrounded by an entire intriguing – and dangerous – world of the supernatural.

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Written and Created by
RJ Lackie

Phillip Shaun DeVone as Heath
Trevor Ketcheson as Dorian
Alejandra Simmons as Vane
Meisha Watson as Neka
Max Claude as Kendrick
Jake Zabusky as Thomas

Stéphane Lachance
RJ Lackie
Adam Tepperman
Gavin Phillips

Shannon Litt

Director of Photography
Dave Lam

Production Designer and Wardrobe
Giovanna Gatto

Makeup Artist
Taylor James

Sound Recordist
Hannah Martin

1st Assistant Camera
Andrei Mates

Sarah Shelson

Shannon Litt

Sound Editor
Kevin Jung

Story Editor and Development Mentor
Ellen Simpson

Graphic Design
Shannon Litt
Hannah Martin

Video: “Cave” by Ian Watt via Fancy Footage Club©
Video: “Concert” by Audio Stranger via Fancy Footage Club©
Video: Smoke” by Mitch Martinez via Fancy Footage Club©
Video: “Moscow State University” by hexacopter from Envato Market
Video: “Old Library Pack” by a_medvedkov from Envato Market
Audio: “Blockbuster Hybrid Trailer 1” by SonsOfGuns from Envato Market
Audio: “Dark Electronic” by Spellrise_ from Envato Market
Audio: “Busy Night Club or Bar Ambience” by Sound-Ideas from Envato Market
Images from Restyler, Skyfotostock and Jacoblund from Envato Market; Printed by Graphic Prints and Copies Inc.
This trailer includes the image “Pilots and cameraman at Leaside Aerodrome” from the City of Toronto Archives (Globe and Mail fonds, Fonds 1266, Item 377; Photographed by John Boyd). It was modified by blurring faces and inserting a face in the image. It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.
CC License:

Shot partially at The Box Toronto: Studio and Theatre

Developed with the assistance of the COGECO Fund